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Eve Kulcsar. Greater Chicago Area. Senior Validation Consultant at Automated Systems, Inc.

Finishing various in-game tasks earns the player money, with which they can buy their character accessories. Each character features a number of shared accessories as well as unique items designed specifically for them. Purchasing accessories allows the player to create a distinct version of their character to distinguish them from others. In addition to these characters, there are unlockable "cheat characters". While these hidden characters are entirely playable, most of them do not have unique animations, voice acting or equipable accessories. Cheat characters range from past characters from the SSX series such as Seeiah Owens and Marisol Diez Delgado, to bizarre fantasy snowboarders, such as a snowman or a beaver, and even Stretch from NBA Street.

Latitude was also shown to be important (P 0. 031) for a history of sunburn; studies conducted at higher latitudes presented higher risks for a history of sunburns. Role of country, inclusion of controls with dermatological diseases and other study features seemed to suggest that "well conducted" studies supported the intermittent sun exposure hypothesis: a positive association for intermittent sun exposure and an inverse association with a high continuous pattern of sun exposure. Indoor tanning by adolescents: prevalence, practices and policies.]