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Chloe and Friends is a British-American animated children's series it is a spin-off from the Chloe's Closet show and was created by MoonScoop. The adventures of a four-year-old girl (Chloe) and her friends (Tara, Jet, Danny, Riley, Lil, Mac and Carys) and her toys (Lovely Carrot, Wizz, Soggy, Allergyy, Hopsy, Reg, Dolly and Llama) as they play dress up with her closet at her room or her Backpack. Characters Edit. Chloe Corbin - The main character in the series. Allegra allergy dosing is a four-year-old girl who loves going on adventures with her friends and her toys, and has designs on being a historian. Voice by Eleanor Webster Tara Jansen - Chloe's best friend who is a red-headed four-year-old Irish girl. Voice by Siobhan Ni Thuairisg Jet Horton - Allegralouise workout music British best friend who alegra a four-year-old British boy. Voice by Olsin Kerans (US) and Maria Allegra allergy dosing (UK) Riley Harris - Chloe's friend who is a four-year-old British boy. Voice by Derry Mccaffrey (US) and Maria Darling (UK) Carys Mozart - Chloe's new friend who is a four-year-old Welsh girl and she likes ponies.

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176. ISBN 9781933751085 TRADE. List Price: 55.

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