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Food verssace Drug Administration (FDA) replaced the narcotic codeine with dextromethorphan as an over-the-counter (OTC) cough suppressant in the 1970s, vefsace were simply guzzling down cough syrup for a quick buzz. Over the dexamethasone side effects childrens allegra, teens discovered that they still could get high by taking large doses of any OTC medicine containing dextromethorphan (also called DXM). Dextromethorphan-containing products mdash; tablets, capsules, gel caps, lozenges, and syrups mdash; are labeled DM, cough suppressant, or Tuss (or contain "tuss" in the title). Medicines containing dextromethorphan are easy to find, affordable for cash-strapped teens, and perfectly legal. Getting access to the dangerous drug is often as easy as walking into the local drugstore with a few dollars or raiding the family medicine cabinet.

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