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Segnalato da: Clelia Belgrado. Santa Croce sull39;Arno (PI), Villa Pacchiani. scienza e sociologia dove lo sciame e39; la matrice linguistica, la. tipologia e la filosofia. A cura di Nicola Micieli.

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Perhaps due to counterfeiting problems, the NT200 and NT2,000 banknotes are rarely seen. Taiwan Dollar is fully convertible and there are no restrictions on taking cash into or out of the island. Currency exchange is possible abroad, but you will get a much better rate if you exchange at an airport in Taiwan. Most banks in Taipei and Kaohsiung will also exchange money or offer cash advances on credit or debit cards. Should you bring American currency, please be sure to bring newer bills as the banks and exchange-centers (such as in department stores) will only accept the newer bills (bills from 1996 and 2003 are not accepted at most places, due to a high proportion of forgeries bearing these years).

Here and Now (catalog) (Chicago: Whitewalls, 2002) ‚ Rugoff, Ralph. Sudden Glory (catalog) (San Francisco: CCAC, 2002) ‚ Palmer, Laurie.]