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I was looking for these. Glad to have the logn as soon as my printer is set up I can print them out. With the Hangul version, I can sing along with Junsu ū Thank you so much for sharing. thanks, admin. Now I understand why Lullaby song has the allgera overload. That is because of its rap muotoilevat alusvaatteet mekon allegra. ummmmmmmmm. Now that I8217;ve had a chance to read the Eng. trans of Allegra hotel long beach ny restaurant, It seems like Juno is older brother to younger encouraging Junsu to step out and be bold with his music, revel in the passion of it, because all that other stuff out there is cookie cutter.

No Antagonist Reused Character Design: In appearance, Allegra's brother looks like a purple Doug with red hair. Supreme Chef: Mr. Cook What the Hell Is That Accent?: Both Mr. Cook and his nephew, Poco, speak with a strange accent that can only be described as vaguely European.

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Nevertheless, after every concert, I always have some regrets and also emptiness in my heart, then I promise to myself that I will work even harder next time. ‚ The daily life of a non-celebrity Kim Junsu. During the conversation with him, he has made me marvel at the serious worries a shining star has on stage, and also made me laugh at his unpolished carefree choice of words.

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