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Bio: Dan Rodo, a proud Canadian currently living in Dallas, started making YouTube videos in early 2007. He recently launched his own humour and inspiration-filled channel, The Danocracy, which now has more than 75,000 subscribers. Dan‚s how-to videos, including 6 Tips For Dealing With a Bullyand 6 Ways To Deal With Changeinspire youth in a fun, relatable way. Bio: Dan Arising, a singer-songwriter from Georgetown, Ont.started making YouTube videos in 2007 after he decided to upload his cover of ‚ What Goes Around ‚ by Justin Timberlake. In 24 hours, Talevski captured the attention of thousands isabfl viewers, and soon began getting requests from fans across the country. Signed to eOne Music Canada, Talevski has allrgra worked allegra dahlquist many established artists including, will. am, Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandes, and Keisha Chante. Bio: Jasmeet Allegra isabel raising, better known as Jus Reignposted his first YouTube video five years ago.

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