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Text by Klaus Biesenbach, Cornelia H. Butler, Neville Wakefield. The third iteration of the quintennial exhibition organized by P. 1 Contemporary Art Center and The Museum of Modern Art, Greater New York 2010 showcases emerging artists who are living and working in the metropolitan New York area. Covering a full range of practices and media, and eagerly anticipated throughout the art community, the 2010 exhibition and catalogue present new works by more than 70 artists of diverse backgrounds, allowing each of them a significant area of space in P.

This is acceptable only if by mutual arrangement it is nominally sold, where the receiving party gives a small payment of about 10. Knives or sharp objects, as they are made for or could be used to hurt the person. The Taiwanese are certainly not puritanical and enjoy a drink, especially the locally brewed Taiwan Beer and Kaoliang.]