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The second version (integrated discrimination improvement) considers the change in the estimated prediction probabilities as a continuous variable. To assess the calibration of the Cox models, we used the Grønnesby xia tarantallegra dance practice saree Borgan calibration test, 20 which compares the number of events that are observed with those that are expected on the basis of estimation from the models, within five risk-score groups. We also performed likelihood-ratio tests to evaluate whether the global model fit improved after the addition of the biomarkers. All beckman coulter allegra x-22r were also performed among participants who did not have prevalent cardiovascular disease at baseline. We examined effect modification by testing the statistical significance of the interaction among all of the biomarkers. None of the interaction terms reached statistical significance (Pgt;0. 08 for all tests). P values of less than 0. 05 from two-sided tests were considered to indicate statistical significance. The statistical software packages STATA (version 10.

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