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It introduced a new cast to the United Kingdom, including Julian Essex-Spurrier as Allegra dahlquist in nc. [10] [45] [46] A Spanish-speaking version of bredekamp theorie des bildakts rezension allegra live show premiered in Mexico in 2008, followed by Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama. As of 2009 [update] it was scheduled to tour the United States in 2010. [47] [48] From 28 January to 29 November 2009, a live stage production entitled LazyTown Live. The Pirate Adventure toured the United Kingdom and Ireland. It featured characters and songs from LazyTownperformed by a new cast. [49] [50] New productions of LazyTown Live had their premieres in November 2009 in Portugal and in March 2010 in Spain by producers Lemon Entertainment.

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There is, however, a toll-free number for inquiries. There are also information desks at major transport hubs. To find an intercity route, and information such as operator, timetables and fares, one can use the Highway Bus Information System website. The site is not completely reliable and may contain errors, but is generally quite helpful.

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