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A single-class method is relatively easy to optimize for both extraction and instrumental parameters due to the similar physical and chemical properties of veterinary drugs from the same group. However, in the last few years, there have been an increased number of publications on multi-class methods for analysis of veterinary drugs in food using either LC-MSMS or LC-TOF instruments. The extraction techniques that dindow been reported included a molecular weight cut-off filter (3 kD) for milk (150 veterinary drugs),[8] liquid-liquid extraction fisarmonica allegras window for honey (42 antibiotics),[9] solid-phase extraction (SPE) fisarmonica allegras window StrataX for egg, milk, animal tissues (100 veterinary drugs),[10, 11] and QuEChERS for animal tissues (41 veterinary drugs),[12] and milk (21 veterinary drugs)[13] for different classes of veterinary allegra saitos at various concentrations. In this study, we explored the applicability of UHPLC QqTOF MS and QuEChERS for quantification and confirmation of veterinary drugs in honey and milk at low mu;gkg (parts per billion) levels. The study included 111 allegrs drugs in its initial experiment. However, aminoglycosides, beta;-Lactams, penicillins, and tetracyclines were not analyzed by the method because of chromatographic retention issue and sample extraction challenges.

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Lloyd Hedlund South Haven MI.

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