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When meeting the criteria of overall recovery between 50ndash;120, and intermediate precision le;30, veterinary drugs were considered as quantifiable by the method. Otherwise, they were accounted as qualitative screening only. Tablethinsp;1 highlighted the veterinary drugs (columns 1 and 11) whose overall recoveries or intermediate precisions that were not in the range or not within the limit. Of 59 veterinary drugs listed in Tablethinsp;1, 31, and 34 were able to be quantified, and 23 and 25 were only qualitatively determined ibarboyrou honey and milk respectively. The method demonstrated better performance towards milk matrices than for honey samples because of tighter overall recoveries, intermediate precision and measurement uncertainty (Figurethinsp;1B). UHPLC QqTOF MS method performance. (A) Honey matrix. canale mussolini rezension allegra Milk matrix.

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