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Hiking Edit. Watch out for mosquito bites when hiking in the mountains. Especially in the summer, the humid and hot weather makes mosquitos very active. Most mosquito bites only cause skin irritation and itching, but in some areas of Taiwan it's possible to contract Dengue Fever or Japanese Encephalitis (though they are both on the rare side in Taiwan).

¬ A ccording to Stratton, what viewers want these days is character, quirky individuals such as Peston, who brings his own personality to bear and makes the audience feel like they are really getting his take on the world. In broadcast news journalism, women, unfairly, are judged more harshly and have less leeway; what is applauded as ‚characterful‚ in a male journalist will be dismissed as at best ‚distracting‚, and at worst ‚weird‚, in a female counterpart. What Stratton does convey is the energy and lively tempo suggested by her first name, Allegra, derived from the musical term allegro. She was named by her bookish parents after Byron‚s ill-fated illegitimate daughter, Allegra, who was casually dispatched to a convent by her uninterested father and died of typhus aged five. ‚I was told the story growing up and I remember feeling trepidatious as my fifth birthday approached in case I would die,‚ says Stratton brightly. B orn one of four in Chiswick, a well-heeled purlieu of south London, her father is an international translator, her mother a retired librarian turned textile artist specialising in embroidery.

¬Carol Of The Bells‚ - The Spirits of Christmas - Carol comes in with the ‚Spirits of Christmas‚ for a consult. ‚God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen‚ - The Spirits of Christmas - Carol explains the carolers and her run-in with the Crips. ‚Carol Of The Bells‚ - Durbin Elf - Christian, Julia and Sean choose their ‚secret Santa‚ recipient. ‚O Christmas Tree‚ - The Spirits of Christmas - Liz shoos the carolers away from the surgery room while Sean operates on Duke Collins‚ facial gunshot scarSean discusses Christmas plans with Liz and nurse Linda.]