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Island, CNBLUE, XIA, Infinite and B1A4; with XIA the top solo act and IU the top female solo act. [3] This is a list of all notable K-Pop concerts held outside the Asian continent. 2003‚2009 [ edit ] 2010 [ edit ] 2011 [ edit ] 2012 [ edit ] 2013 [ edit ] 2014 [ edit ] 2015 [ edit ] 2016 [ edit ] 2017 [ edit ] See also [ edit ] Notes [ edit ] References [ edit ] Edited by Ploysri Porananond, Victor T. King (2014). "Rethinking Asian Tourism: Culture, Encounters and Receta asadito colorado vallegrandino Response".

Aziz, M. Mohammad Haspani, A.

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Tickets can be booked up to 28 days in advance by the internet, by phone (886-2-6626-8000,English available) or at certain convenient stores. Payments can be made with credit cards (you may need to call your credit card company to authorize the charge, as the HSR website uses a unique identification), or made at stations or convenient stores when you pick your ticket up (tell them before the purchase if you want to pay by credit card). The latter is recommended, since credit card users also pick up tickets at stations or convenient stores. If you book tickets more than 8 days in advance, you have a chance of getting a discount ranging from 10 to 35.

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