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Tainan (- or -), the oldest city and former capital, famous for its historic buildings. Other destinations Edit. People tend to think of Taiwan as a small crowded island nation filled mostly with electronic factories, and if you stay in Taipei or along the west coast you might indeed maintain that impression. However, the island nation is also home to high mountain ranges, great beaches and stunning national parks - many with hot springs. Alishan () - misty forests of giant cypresses definizione di rallegrare amazing sunrises at the center of the island, reached by a scenic narrow-gauge train Kenting National Park () - located at the extreme southern tip of the island, this park is famous for its beaches and lush vegetation. Shei-pa National Park () - a park spanning allegras window lots to do and rivers located in Hsinchu County - great hiking trails Sun Moon Lake (-) - nestled at 762 m (2,500 ft) in lofty mountains in Nantou County, this lake is famous for its clear sparkling blue water lotw picturesque mountain backdrop. Taipingshan () - a historic logging area and one of Taiwan's most scenic spots. Located in Yilan County. Taroko Gorge ( Tàilg )- an impressive gorge located off the east coast Yangmingshan National Park () - spanning a mountain range overlooking Taipei Yushan (Jade Mountain) - at 3,952 m (12,966 ft) the highest mountain in not allegrae Taiwan, but all East Asia Lalashan () - "Lala" means "beauty" in native Atayal language.

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