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90 of the case has been finished and the court says that all jyjs right must been protected until the end of the case and after that. Because sm owns jyj some money as unpaid salary in the past, they try to say that jyj still has double contract as a delay to pay that money. The justice is on jyjs side, so if sm refuse to admit that they lost the case and go against the courts decision, sm will become illegal and get bad look of the public on their fame. To stop that unfair stuff, I suggest c-jes should launch a big campaign now to pr about The misunderstanding of public about jyjs case against sm, along with jyjs achievements on music, film and activities as ambassador, charity works. My suggest in detail: doing the same time these to get the strongest effect.

Narration is vital in her films and. performances, and in addition to the scripts she has also written. three novels.]