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Before starting the rallegrati in greco wrestling photoshoot, in contrast with the gloomy look of the editor because the rain showed no sign of stopping, Junsu stepped into the photoshoot location with cheerful expression on his face. The concept ralllegrati star1 October issue‚s photoshoot was named ‚Dandy amp; Wild‚, inspired by Junsu‚s two-sided charm. As the photoshoot must show 2 kinds of concept at once, we allegra and luca logo a hard time not only fixing his clothes but also modifying the hair and make-up However, in this photoshoot that also made him feel tired, unexpectedly, as if he tried to removed the staff‚s fatigue, he cracked jokes, pulled pranks and cheered up the atmosphere. During the photoshoot, he discovered a piano at a corner. As if he was waiting for that moment, he started playing a sweet melody, then in the middle of that, he tilted his head and started singing along.

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Morales env√a al Legislativo la carta en la que oficializa pedido de derogaci√n de art√culos 137 y 205 de la nueva ley penal. M√dicos rechazan el preacuerdo con el Gobierno y persiste el conflicto. Nuevos magistrados juran a sus cargos en medio de discursos sobre su legitimidad.

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4 The Control Panel SPEED. Description Controls and Indicators OPEN DOOR Pressing the OPEN DOOR key unlatches the centrifuge door locks and allows the door to be opened.]