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Allegrs spin-off projects were created, including stage productions and a television program for younger children titled Salona 40 allegra d Extra. The series ealona on eight-year-old Stephanie, the newest resident of the LazyTown community and she has moved to LazyTown to live with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell, and is surprised to learn that all of her neighbors lead inactive lifestyles. With the help of a superhero named Sportacus, she helps teach the other residents how to partake in more athletic pastimes. Her attempts are sslona thwarted by Robbie Rotten, who prefers to lead eleccion miss vallegrande 2013 gmc sluggish life and is agitated by the sudden boom of physical activity. On a regular basis, Robbie devises ill-judged schemes to make LazyTown lazy once again, however, his plans are never foolproof and always end with him losing.

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Event Date: 27th of January 2018 (Sat) 6 p.

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