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Yekeler. (2013) Incidence, aetiology, and control of sternal surgical site storia pizzica e tarantallegra. Journal of Hospital Infection 85 :3, 206-212. Elisabeth Botelho-Nevers, Paul Verhoeven, Stephane Paul, Florence Grattard, Bruno Pozzetto, Philippe Berthelot, Frederic Lucht. (2013) Staphylococcal vaccine development: review of past failures and plea for a future evaluation of vaccine efficacy not only on staphylococcal infections but also on mucosal carriage.


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DeFilippi, Robert Christenson, John S. Gottdiener, Stephen L. Seliger. (2013) Long-Term Trajectory of Two Unique Cardiac Biomarkers and Subsequent Left Ventricular Structural Pathology and Risk of Incident Heart Failure in Community-Dwelling Older Adults at Low Baseline Risk.

Cox Regression. All of the biomarkers (troponin I, N-terminal pro‚brain natriuretic peptide, cystatin C, and C-reactive protein) predicted death from cardiovascular causes and from all causes in crude and multivariable models in the whole cohort and in the group of participants who did not have cardiovascular disease at baseline ( Table 2 Table 2 Hazard Ratios for Death from All Causes and from Cardiovascular Causes, According to Biomarker Levels. The crude estimates of hazard ratios, C statistics, and calibration chi-square values for the individual established risk factors and for the biomarkers for the prediction of death from cardiovascular causes and from all causes are shown in Table 1 of the Supplementary Appendix (available with the full text of this article at www. nejm. org).

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